Why these Play mats? I designed these playmats because I was not happy with the available ones.
My children have lots of  Lego and when I saw it spread out on the floor, using mats which were not scaled to comply with the buildings, vehicles , etc  it irritated me.

The play mats that were available were not scaled correctly and looking at the flat buildings on them (sky view of houses, garage, hospital, police and fire brigade stations) did not inspire me at all.
Not only were they expensive, but also difficult to store after use.

I therefore designed Playmats which can be used for Lego Heartlake City (Friends), Lego City 1 and Lego City 2, scalded so that buildings, etc fit and it looks realistic.

After  testing them out for some time ( with my own children and their friends) I checked the playmats for scratches , etc, and am happy to say the result was good and I am satisfied and confident  to sell them now so other children can enjoy them too.
The mats are made from transparent PVC and are easily rolled up for storage also easy to clean with a moist cloth.

It is possible to design the playmat to your request, if needed, at extra costs.

Payment when ordering, delivery time approx 14 days if not store, a Track and Trace link where you can view the status of your order.
If you have any questions, please contact me via the contact form..